UK Beauty Store Superdrug Launches Cruelty-Free Vegan Outlet

LIttle Vegan Pop Up

Superdrug, the second largest UK health and beauty retailer, just opened a completely vegan outlet in London. Nicknamed the Little Vegan Pop Up Shop, the new store will only carry cruelty-free makeup, skincare, perfume, and other beauty products for men and women.

According to the company, Superdrug consumers have been asking for more vegan products in stores across the country. To accommodate these popular requests, the company launched its Little Vegan Pop Up Shop as a pilot program. The popup will be open for three months beginning March 21, 2018. The store has not commented on the future of the space following this time period, but it may look to expand given a successful consumer response.

In announcing this latest project Superdrug wrote, “We are proud of our reputation as the beauty store for vegans, which is why we are opening The Little Vegan Pop Up Shop! Hands up who will be dropping by?”

Vegan Pop Up Superdrug

Superdrug acknowledged the hassle many consumers face when searching for cruelty-free products in a generic store. The company sympathized, “When you’re shopping for anything vegan, you defs have to spend twice the time browsing. Reading labels and keeping your eyes peeled for leaping bunnies and the vegan stamp of approval can be time-consuming, so we’ve eliminated the challenge.”

The company carriers over one thousand store-brand vegan items, in addition to other cruelty-free brands. Customers will be treated to aisle after aisle of vegan makeup, healthcare products, nail polish, women and men’s grooming tools, and more. The store will also carry the latest and exclusive Superdrug product launches.

Those who live outside of the London area can order the cruelty-free products online through the pop up’s dedicated website. Customers will also find vegan-friendly makeup guides and tutorials on the site.

Many individual beauty and cosmetic brands have made the transition to vegan products, but Superdrug is leading the way on the retail side. As the company noted, there are plenty of products to fill an entire store with cruelty-free options. Creating a completely vegan beauty store allows conscious consumers to purchase with confidence and support cruelty-free companies.

Image Credit: Superdrug.