Major UK Sandwich Brand Urban Eat Launches 3 New Vegan Cheese Sandwiches

vegan sandwich (1)

The UK’s leading sandwich and food-to-go provider, Urban Eat, has extended its range of vegan sandwiches to include five new offerings, three of which are made with a generous serving of vegan cheese. The company hopes to cater to the growing number of meat-free consumers.

The five new vegan sandwich options offer a diverse range of fresh, deli-style handhelds that will be available across all shops. Sandwiches include the Pickle Me Up, Pesto Presto, Dirty Jack Wrap, Hot Mozza Bella Panini, and the Avo-Lafel Sandwich. Each of these unique creations are piled with fresh and roasted veggies, savory vegan meats, and/or vegan cheese.

“Catering for specialised diets such as vegan is a big focus for us at Urban Eat. Meat-free diets are becoming more common than ever, with approximately 12% of the UK population now following this type of diet,” Isla Owen, senior marketing manager and brand owner at Adelie Foods, the wholesale company behind Urban Eat, said in a statement“The new products will help retailers and foodservice suppliers cater for the growing market of consumers looking for more ‘free from’ options during lunchtime.”

Founded in 2010, Urban Eat’s mission is to provide its customers with “innovative, delicious, wholesome ‘eat now’ food with an urban cultured twist.” With a focus on “innovative” foods, it is fitting that the brand would seek to extend its range of vegan offerings, as recent research indicates that the number of people living in the UK who identify as vegan has surged by 700 percent over the last two years. Including the five new wraps and sandwiches, the company now offers 12 vegan options.

Urban Eat’s new vegan sandwiches will be available starting on August 20. Currently, customers can buy Urban Eat vegan options in more than 3,000 retailers across the UK, including convenience stores, university restaurants, airports, hospitals, train stations, and more. A full list of where to buy Urban Eat sandwiches can be found on the company’s website.

Image Credit: Urban Eat