UK Weight Loss Program LighterLife Fast Launches Its First Vegan Meals

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Prominent UK-based weight loss program LighterLife Fast has introduced two new vegan options in response to “daily requests” for plant-based meals. Based on low-calorie, single-serving packaged foods, these new options are the company’s first completely vegan meals.

The LighterLife Fast program is designed around calorie restriction and portion control. Clients who adhere to the full plan are supplied all of their food via LighterLife Fast Foodpacks, which include various bars, soups, porridges, shakes, and freeze-dried meals. Until now, all of the meals, including the vegetarian offerings, contained either some derivative of eggs or dairy, and a vast majority of the snacks included animal products as well. However, the new LifghterLife Fast Super Green Soup and Banana Porridge are both suitable for vegans and will be available in August.

Rob Rona, the company’s Director of New Markets, said in a statement, “The demand for vegan products is continuing to rise on an almost daily basis and, as a brand, we feel it’s important to cater for all lifestyle choices. The launch of these new products not only adds more variety to the existing range, but they allow new markets, including vegans, to try out the 5:2 diet without worrying about calorie counting or nutritional implications.”

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Rona’s reference to the 5:2 diet is a nod to the brand’s less intensive program, which allows clients to eat normally five days out of the week and eat from LighterLife Fast Foodpacks two days out of the week. It’s the company’s approach to a form of intermittent fasting, which involves calorie restriction for a certain amount of time (it can range dramatically depending on the program). Both the two new plant-based meals clock in around 200 calories, though clients are permitted around 600 calories during “fasting” days.

Due to the fact that there are only two vegan meal options currently in the LighterLife program, it would be extremely difficult to join the program if wanting to eat an exclusively vegan diet. However, these new products may just be the start of the company’s plant-based expansion, and the meals may spark the curiosity of veg-curious clients. A whole foods, plant-based diet has been shown as an effective tool for weight loss without severe caloric restriction, and those comfortable enough with shopping for themselves may be enticed to forgo the packaged meal program and give plant-based a try.