Ulta Beauty Packaging Just Got More Sustainable

Ulta Beauty Packaging Just Got More Sustainable

Ulta Beauty’s packaging just got more sustainable, thanks to a new partnership.

The popular U.S. beauty chain has teamed up with Loop, a zero-waste venture owned by TerraCycle, a global leader in recycling.

Together, the two companies have created Loop by Ulta, a one-stop online shop for all things sustainable beauty, stocking a range of cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brands, including Burt’s Bees, Soapply, Ecco Bella, and Meow Meow Tweet.

Customers place their orders through the website and the products are delivered to their door, all very standard procedure. But here’s where things change: Instead of using the product and throwing it away when they’re finished, customers pop the empty bottles into a reusable “exclusively designed” Loop tote bag.

They then make arrangements through the Ulta by Loop website to have their old empties picked up; these are subsequently cleaned, refilled, and placed back onto the virtual shelves for sale.

Tom Szaky, the founder and CEO of Loop and TerraCycle, said in a statement sent to LIVEKINDLY: “Consumers are increasingly asking for more environmentally responsible options in this category and this collaboration provides them with a solution that is simple and convenient.”

Ulta Beauty is working with Loop, a zero-waste venture owned by TerraCycle.
Ulta is trying to bring forward “innovative solutions” to the beauty industry’s waste problem. | @shoploopstore

A Sustainable Beauty Loop

Loop by Ulta’s approach creates a circular economy instead of the standard linear one (where products are bought, used, and then thrown away). A circular economy keeps resources in a loop (get it?), which reduces waste in a big way.

Across industries, waste is an urgent problem, and the beauty industry is no exception. Globally, more than 120 billion units of cosmetic packaging are produced annually, and much of this ends up in landfills and the ocean. 

Dave Kimbell, the president of Ulta Beauty, says that “as the nation’s leading beauty retailer,” the company has a responsibility to bring forward “innovative solutions.”

He said: “As we work to deliver more informed, conscious product choices to our guests, this first-of-its-kind partnership with the pioneers at Loop is an exciting step on our journey.”

“We look forward to seeing our guests embrace Loop by Ulta Beauty as we all work together to create a lasting legacy for our world.”

Shop Loop by Ulta’s sustainable product range here