Ultimate BBQ Taste Test: Which Vegan Meat Is Best for Grilling?

Suresh and his sister, Sanjee

Wondering what vegan meat brands to throw on the grill this summer?

On this episode of EATKINDLY With Me, Suresh Seneviratne and his sister, Sanjee, give the ultimate barbecue taste test. The siblings put three vegan meat brands to the test: Beyond Meat, Lightlife, and Tofurky.

Through two rounds, the duo taste test vegan burgers and hot dogs. “I feel like this is the adventures of brother and sister grilling for the first time. While everyone watches,” Suresh jokes.

Vegan burgers on a grill
Suresh and his sister find out which vegan meat brands are best for grilling. | Suresh Seneviratne

Round 1: Burgers

It’s time to get grilling. For the first round, Suresh and Sanjee grill up and try three vegan meat burgers: Lightlife plant-based burgers, Beyond Meat patties, and Tofurky burgers.

“My sister and I are fans of Beyond Meat, we cook them a lot,” Suresh says. “I’m excited to try this Tofurky one and the Lightlife one.”

The winner: Beyond Burger. “This is really good,” Suresh says. “I would say, this is still my number one favorite. And a close second with the Lightlife one. But that is delicious. Really, really tender. It has a great flavor to it, a great char flavor.”

Vegan meat brands
The siblings taste test vegan meat brands Tofurky, Beyond Meat, and Lightlife. | Suresh Seneviratne

Round 2: Hot Dogs

Time to grill up some hot dogs. For the second round, Suresh and Sanjee try vegan meat brands Beyond Meat sausages, Lightlife Smart Dogs, and Tofurky Kielbasa Sausage.

“So looking at it from the side, it looks very much like the patty,” Suresh says of the Tofurky sausage. “It’s very compressed. We can see some of the ingredients in here. Moisture level is a little bit low.”

The Lightlife hot dogs are up next. “Oh, that’s good,” Suresh says. “You guys, that is a hot dog.”

“It might be my favorite,” Sanjee adds.

Last but not least, Beyond Meat’s sausage. “Oh my god,” Suresh says after taking a bite. “Literally, it tastes like you’re licking the grill.”

The winner: None other than Lightlife hot dogs.

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