How to Eat Vegan at Burger King

The Ultimate Guide to Burger King's Vegan Menu

Burger King’s vegan options have gotten a lot better over the years. The global fast food giant honed in on the rising popularity of plant-based meat with the launch of the Impossible Whopper in summer 2019. But even before that, at least the fries were vegan. (Sadly, the same can’t be said for all fast food establishments.) Now, plant-based options are in such high demand that Burger King UK even gave its Veggie Bean Burger a vegan upgrade. Progress! So, how do you order vegan at Burger King? We’ve compiled the options available in the US, UK, and Australia.

What Is Vegan at Burger King?

When you order the Impossible Whopper at Burger King without mayonnaise, you are technically ordering something made without any animal ingredients. But, it is cooked on a shared grill with conventional burgers, so it’s likely that there will be cross-contamination. 

Does that mean that the Impossible Whopper isn’t vegan? That part is up to the individual. A lot of people are comfortable with eating restaurant food cooked on a shared grill. But if you’re not, you can ask for your Impossible Burger to be cooked separately.                                                                    

How to Eat Vegan at Burger King US

The vegan menu at Burger King US is pretty good as far as fast-food options go. The Impossible Whopper is vegan with just one minor adjustment, the fries are vegan, and so are the French Toast Sticks (thank you, BK). Hopefully, vegan chicken nuggets are on the way. (Burger King Germany launched meatless nuggets last September). After all, the Impossible Whopper has been a huge success, according to the company.

Here are the vegan options at Burger King US:

  • Impossible Whopper (Ask for no mayonnaise).
  • Fries
  • Garden Side Salad with Golden Italian Dressing
  • Dutch Apple Pie
  • Applesauce
  • PB&J sandwich (It may be from the kids’ menu, but hey, it’s a classic.)
  • Hash Browns
  • French Toast Sticks
  • Oatmeal (Ask for it with water instead of milk.)

How to Eat Vegan at Burger King Canada

Burger King Canada has limited options. The fries contain milk and the veggie burger contains milk and eggs, but you won’t have to resort to soda and a salad with no dressing if you find yourself hungry near one of their locations.

Here’s what to order:

  • Impossible Whopper
  • Onion Rings
Burger King has many vegan options.

Vegan at Burger King UK

Burger King UK also has a substantial vegan menu. The chain even recently removed animal products from the Veggie Bean Burger, so it’s now completely plant-based. 

  • Vegan Bean Burger (Formerly known as the Veggie Bean Burger).
  • Rebel Whopper (Ask for no mayo.)
  • Fries
  • Onion Rings
  • Apple Slices
  • Garden Side Salad & Balsamic Dressing without cheese or croutons
  • Hash Browns

How to Eat Vegan at Hungry Jack’s (the Australian Burger King)

Hungry Jack’s is the second-largest Burger King franchisee in the world. And there’s a very interesting reason behind why it’s called “Hungry Jack’s.” When Burger King first moved to Australia, the name “Burger King” was already taken, so the company presented franchisee Jack Cowin with a few name options. He picked “Hungry Jack’s.” And so, the first Hungry Jack’s opened in Perth in 1971 under that very name. 

History aside, Hungry Jack’s has some great vegan options, including the Vegan Muffin, which comes with a veggie patty, vegan cheese, and vegan mayo.

  • Vegan Whopper Cheese
  • Vegan Muffin
  • Vegan Avocado Muffin
  • Chips
  • All Bursties flavors

Burger King International Embraces Vegan Options

Everywhere you look, it seems that Burger King is adding plant-based options to the menu. The fast food giant recently rolled out the Plant-Based Whopper across Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hangzhou in China. 

Demand for meat-free fast-food is also on the rise in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, the Bahamas, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Suriname, Saint Martin, and Saint Kitts now carry the meat-free Whopper. If you’re in Mexico, you can now order the Whopper Vegetal.

All of the aforementioned options feature a soy patty developed by Netherlands-based brand The Vegetarian Butcher, which was acquired by Unilever in late 2018. According to the brand, it will launch the Plant-Based Whopper across more countries this year.