9 of the Best Places to Eat Vegan Food When Travelling in Canada

9 of the Best Places to Eat Vegan Food When Travelling in Canada

Known for its stunning lakes, snowy mountains, and diverse wildlife, Canada is the ultimate tourist destination. Luckily for plant-based travelers, the country has also seen an influx of vegan spots as of late, fuelled by consumers of all dietary preferences. The Canadian Press even recently dubbed plant-based eating as the “dining of the future.”

The Great North is making a name for itself as a must-visit destination for anyone seeking out the best vegan food. These drool-worthy eateries in some of your favorite Canadian cities explain why.

9 of the Best Places to Eat Vegan Food When Travelling in Canada


You’re spoilt for vegan choice at the Hogtown.

1.The Hogtown Vegan, Toronto

The Hogtown Vegan is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking Southern-style comfort (with beers on tap, of course) but without meat, dairy, and eggs.

If you visit this eatery, prepare to spend a long time drooling over the extensive menu. The appetizer menu alone boasts ten options including poutine, mac ‘n’ cheese, shiitake fried clams, and crispy dried soy wings. Mains include Unchickn + Waffles, soy Beef + Dumplings Stew, and Phish ‘n’ Chips. Dessert options include an ice cream sandwich, deep-fried Oreos, and a fried apple good. Gluten-free options are also available. Good luck deciding.

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Blue Heron Creamery is Vancouver’s first vegan cheese shop.

2. Blue Heron Creamery, Vancouver

Vancouver’s first all-vegan cheese shop, the Blue Heron Main St. Cheese Store, needs to be added to the bucket list of any cheese lover – whether you consume dairy or not.

Open since February, this unique store has a “passion for dairy-free” products and sells cheeses, butters, yogurts, and preserves. The brand was co-founded by chef Karen McAthy and Colin Medhurst, who use cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and coconut milk to make their dairy-free creations.

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Westcoast Poke offers vegan tuna “ahimi.”

3. Westcoast Poke, Vancouver

Though this Hawaiian eatery is not fully vegan, it offers up Canada’s first vegan tuna, making it a must-visit for lovers of plant-based seafood. Produced by Ocean Hugger Foods, the vegan tuna is named “ahimi” and is meant to be the world’s closest alternative to ahi tuna (raw tuna).

Co-founder of Westcoast Poke Zachary Cho spoke about the restaurant’s choice to bring Ahimi to Canada.“When I first tried it, it blew my mind how realistic it was. If I didn’t tell you [it wasn’t tuna] and gave you a poke bowl, you would never know. Even people who aren’t vegan or vegetarian will love it.”

As well as sampling the Westcoast vegan tuna dish, visitors can build their own poke bowl, topping ahimi with everything from pickled red onion and pickled ginger to kimchi cucumber and edamame.

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Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar uses local, seasonal ingredients.

4.Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar, Halifax

This cozy neighborhood eatery and bakery “strive[s] to create delicious food that vegans and non-vegans can enjoy” and uses local, seasonal ingredients to create nostalgic plant-based comfort food.

Its extensive brunch menu includes banana pancakes, apple cinnamon french toast, and “omelets,” while its all-day food menu offers BBQ jackfruit tacos, donair wraps (made with homemade seitan) and a fried chick’n burger. To wash this down, visitors can enjoy a selection of fresh-pressed juices and smoothies. Flavors include the Flu Booster juice, which features orange, celery, lemon, and ginger, and the Green Monster smoothie, a blend of spinach, banana, dates, parsley, and orange.

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Eat vegan comfort food at Montreal’s Antidote Bouffe Végane.

5. Antidote Bouffe Végane, Montreal

Montreal’s Antidote Bouffe Végane describes itself as an “outstanding bistro with a wonderful menu 100% vegan, tasty and completely decadent!” The French hipster bistro and juice bar offers a range of innovative plant-based comfort food dishes, including “chicken” and waffles, seitan burgers, mac and cheese, and its famous brunch, served with bacon, fried “chicken,” sausages, and egg-free omelets.

Its plant-based dishes are complemented by the atmospheric venue, which is lit by candlelight in the evening to create an “enveloping, warm” and homely feel.

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Little Jo Berry’s is one for travelers with a sweet tooth.

6. Little Jo Berry’s, Ottawa

Replacing eggs and dairy with vegan alternatives and feel-good vibes, Little Jo Berry’s is a fully vegan bakery. It has a “strict no food or body shaming policy” and “everyone is welcomed to feel good about what they eat.

A must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth, Little Jo Berry’s offers everything from Twinkies to cookie sandwiches, cakes, cinnamon rolls, pies, ice cream, shakes, cookies, and cream bites, and many other mouth-watering creations. For lovers of more savory foods, sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers are also on the menu.

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Raw Eatery & Market offers dishes made with fresh produce sourced locally.

7. Raw Eatery & Market, Calgary

This Calgary plant-based eatery offers nutrient-dense dishes lovingly made with fresh, local produce. From lasagne, sandwiches, scrambled tofu, tacos, salads, and noodles, to sweet pies, cakes, and kombucha drinks, there’s a healthy but delicious dish, dessert, and drink for everyone.

Empowering people to eat well and proudly, Raw Eatery & Market “want[s] to create a community where everyone can feel proud about their day-to-day choices, support one another, and promote positive social change.”  In line with this, the brand also offers workshops, event nights, and nutrition services.

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Boon Burger was the first of its kind in Canada.

8. Boon Burger, Winnipeg

Canada’s first all-vegan burger cafe, Boon Burger offers “healthy fast food” with its sustainable versions of “your favorite on-the-go comfort foods.

The chain, with six locations in Ontario and Manitoba, makes its burger patties from scratch to create unique and wholesome dishes. Customers can choose from The Backyard BBQ – featuring a grilled boon patty glazed with bbq sauce, sauerkraut, and salad – or the Buffalo Deluxe, which features a grilled chick’n patty basted in frank’s hot sauce, grilled pineapple, “bacun,” salad, and sour cream. Cheesy fries, poutine, nachos, and hot dogs are also available.

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Try freshly squeezed juice at NESS.

9. NESS, Quebec City

Located in the heart of the St Roch district of Quebec, this vegetarian and vegan eatery offers burgers, soups, and salads. It also boasts an impressive range of gluten-free options.

Its specialty tasting plate features soup, beet hummus, lentil hummus, sushi, veggie pie tomato pie, cashew cheese, and crackers. The eatery is also known for its freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, which include the Laughing Buddha – a blend of apple, strawberries, mango, coconut, and date paste – and the Detox, which features pineapple, mango, broccoli, date paste, and réjuvélac (fermented wheat water).

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