The Ultimate Vegan Cheese Taste Test

Looking for the best vegan cheese brands to make the ultimate grilled cheese or ooey-gooey nachos? What about the perfect dairy-free blocks for an epic charcuterie board?  

On this episode of Eatkindly With Me, influencer Suresh Seneviratne puts eight vegan cheese brands to the test to find out which ones will reign supreme!

“We’re going to be doing three separate rounds starting off with nacho, we’ll do a charcuterie board, and then we’ll finish off with grilled cheese to see which cheese spreads and pulls and melts and tastes the best,” Suresh explains.

“So, why choose vegan cheese versus dairy? Well, unfortunately, cheese has a huge negative impact on the planet, according to the Environmental Working Group,” Suresh continues. “It actually is number three in greenhouse gas emissions, behind beef and lamb production.”

“Some of the most common ingredients in vegan cheese are nuts oats and coconut these products have much less of an impact on the planet,” he adds. “If you switch out your dairy cheese to vegan cheese, you are doing a big thing for our planet.”

So, how do the various vegan cheese brands stack up? Let’s find out.

Suresh puts eight vegan cheese brands to the ultimate taste test.

Vegan Cheese Taste Test: The Results

Suresh first does a vegan cheese taste test to find out which dairy-free cheeses are best suited for a charcuterie board. He tests two vegan cheese brands: Treeline plant-based french-style cheese and Violife’s Just Like Parmesan. “The winner, by a long shot, I would say, is our Treeline French-style cheese,” Suresh says.

Round two: the nacho test. Suresh tests three vegan cheese shreds: Miyoko’s Creamery pepper jack shreds, Daiya cheddar and mozzarella style shreds, and 365 mozzarella shreds. “But I have to say, the winner is number one: the Miyoko’s Creamery,” says Suresh.

And for the third round, he tests three vegan cheese products: Follow Your Heart smoked gouda style slices, Field Roast Chao slices, and Parmela Creamery sharp cheddar slices.

“Oh my gosh, I think this is the winner,” he says after tasting each option. “If you are looking to make grilled cheese, I would highly recommend Parmela Creamery.”

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