Vegan Video Series Launched by Biggest Facebook Page in the World, UNILAD

Share this video to give them a voice.’

Yesterday UNILAD, currently the world’s largest video publisher on Facebook, posted a video discussing talking about animal agriculture. Although the video discussed the other detrimental issues of our current farming system, the main message was how ‘horrific,’ ‘abusive,’ and ‘unjust’ it was for humans to treat farmed animals the way they do.

This short film created with artist, Kate Louise Powell, is said to be the very first in a series about the ethical and environmental impacts of animal agriculture

UNILAD is currently followed by over 33 million people on Facebook and in August 2015 alone their videos were shared more than 4.5 million times. UNILAD is known for sharing many videos more often than not designed to make you laugh, but this was an exception to that rule. It offered people information from experts, as well as footage depicting the realities of an animal’s life on a farm.

One woman in the video poignantly discusses the hypocrisy of humans’ attitude towards animals. ‘At the Tulip Pig Slaughterhouse in Manchester,’ she says ‘when you go round the side where you hear [the pigs] going to the gas chambers, it’s by a river and people are walking their dogs there. There are audible pig screams…a few feet away.

You can watch the video here, however, it should be noted that the video contains graphic footage of farming practices and some people may find it distressing.

UNILAD made the purpose of their video very clear, ending it with a call for people to ’Share this video to give them a voice.’