Upper Crust Launches Vegan Feta Cheese Baguette Across UK Train Stations

Upper Crust Launches Vegan Feta Cheese Baguette Across UK Train Stations

Upper Crust, which serves baguettes and sandwiches in UK train stations, has created a vegan baguette with dairy-free feta.

Upper Crust opened its first site in Waterloo Station in 1986. The chain now has more than 100 locations at various airports and railway stations. According to its website, its baguettes are freshly baked and “generously filled with mouth-watering ingredients. Every ingredient chosen is the tastiest and best we can find.”

Its new limited edition vegan sandwich features plant-based feta, avocado, olive tapenade, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, and egg-free basil mayonnaise.

Vegan Options at Train Stations

Upper Crust Launches Vegan Feta Cheese Baguette Across UK Train Stations
Vegan options are becoming more popular at train stations

Upper Crust’s new baguette isn’t the first vegan option for travelling Brits. UK-based coffeehouse chain AMT Coffee recently began serving vegan apricot croissants, chickpea and kale pies, and meat-free sausage rolls featuring soy-based sausage.

AMT coffee also added vegan plantain bites and “addictively moreish” quinoa pops to its menu. Plant-based tea biscuits and fruit bars are now also available. The new options were introduced following demand. “You were asking and we listened,” AMT Coffee wrote online.

“We recognise the importance of having vegan options for vegans, veggies, and non-vegans alike and we also try to encourage our customers to try plant-based milk with their AMT coffee,” the company said. “Choosing plant-based alternatives is not only great for your health, it’s also much healthier for the environment as well as the animals.”

Vegan Options on Trains

Aside from railway stations, train journeys themselves are becoming more vegan-friendly. UK railway company Virgin Trains, which is owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, has multiple plant-based options.

Last year, Virgin Trains became the first train operator in the UK to launch a full vegan menu on all of its routes. Travellers can purchase vegan chilli as well as a breakfast pot with mushrooms, hash browns, spinach, and baked beans in its standard class.

Travellers in first class can choose dishes like vegan potato hash breakfast, Mediterranean pasta salad, and spicy Bombay potato. Soya milk is available to all passengers.

Food and beverage proposition manager Julie Harper said in a statement, “We’ve worked really hard to ensure that our menus in First and Standard deliver that consistency throughout the day and include some really delicious, appetising options that we hope will tempt vegans and non-vegans alike.”