Usher Claims Vegan Burgers Make Him ‘Frisky’

Usher tried Slutty Vegan burgers

Dancer, singer, and songwriter Usher claims that vegan burgers make him feel “frisky.”

The star recently visited Atlanta’s now-famous Slutty Vegan burger joint, trying out the Ménages à Trois burger. The option includes the “bleeding” plant-based Impossible Burger, which is then loaded with vegan bacon, shrimp, and cheese, and topped off with the restaurant’s own signature Slutty Sauce.

Usher posted his experience of trying the burger to his Instagram account. “Yeah, I’m feeling frisky,” he said before biting into the patty. Gesturing to the bacon he said, “look at that. It’s cool.” After his first taste, he commented, “this is good… this is good.”

The musician isn’t the only celebrity to give Slutty Vegan the seal of approval. Rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Tyler Perry are also fans of the joint’s meaty plant-based burgers.

In January, Perry claimed the food tasted “too good” to be vegan, jokingly accusing the staff of lying about the patty being plant-based. He danced around eating his burger after saying, “this is too good to be vegan. This is really good.”

It’s not just celebs who love Slutty Vegan. Earlier this year, the company opened its first bricks n mortar location. Prior to this, it served its burgers from a food truck. The grand opening attracted around 1,200 people, and some customers waited in line for 7 hours to get their hands on a burger.

Founded by Pinky Cole, Slutty Vegan aims to show people that plant-based food doesn’t have to be boring. And the entrepreneur is succeeding in her mission.

Renita Bryant, the CEO of Mynd Matters Publishing, was one of the eager non-vegan customers who waited patiently to try the burger back in January.

“I wanted to be part of the exclusive club of people that had been ‘sluttified,’ she told Forbes. “For a couple of months, I watched, from a distance, as everyday people and celebrities were filmed taking their first bite into a Slutty Vegan burger.”

“I didn’t like being an outsider to the experience and they always said how the taste exceeded their expectations. As a pescetarian, I’m fairly open to vegetarianism but being a vegan always felt extreme,” she explained. “However, Slutty Vegan proved how attainable and accessible veganism is and that it actually could be for someone like me.”