Huge Vegan Christmas Product List Launched by VBites for 2017!

Popular vegan brand, VBites have revealed their Christmas releases for 2017 and the list is huge! The announcement follows Linda McCartney’s new Christmas additions earlier this year which saw vegan consumers excited for Christmas. But Linda McCartney’s new products are nothing on the list of new products to be launched in time for Christmas from VBites!

The star of the show is the VegiDeli Duck Style & Orange Pâté, VBites recommend that this product ‘makes a great festive starter served with crispy warm toast, homemade chutney and salad.’ Which might be one of the fanciest vegan starters your family will have come across, and so easy too as VBites have done all the hard work for you!

Another highlight will be their 48 Piece Party Pack, coming in at £13.99. At less than 30p per piece for prepared, tasty vegan food what’s there not to love? This pack will include Mini Vegan Quiche Lorraine, Meat Free Spiced Cocktail Sausages, Mini Duck Style Spring Rolls, Meat Free Pork and Beef Style Sausage Rolls and Spinach and Chickpea Bhajis all of which are bound to get guests fighting over the buffet table at your Christmas party.

For Christmas lunch, VBites will offer either a Seed Roast, or a Meat Free Meatloaf, a meat-free version of the classic American comfort food.’ ‘[I]t’s delicious served hot with roast potatoes and red onion gravy, or cold with jacket potatoes, salad and chutney,’ claims VBites. The perfect Boxing Day lunch for everyone!

You can also decorate your Christmas plate with vegan ‘pigs in blankets’, Cheezly & Cranberry Bites or Pork Style & Cranberry Sausage Rolls. There seems to be no end to how delicious Christmas can be this year, whilst being plant-based.

All VBites products are free from cholesterol, hydrogenated fats, artificial colours and GMOs, so would be a great addition to the table of any family looking to opt for healthier options this Christmas without having to miss out on taste.

VBites will be available at Holland and Barrett and other selected health food stores. However you can also buy this range online at Ocado or straight from VBites.

Thanks to VBites you’ve now got all the food you could ever want to accompany your Almond Milk Baileys this Christmas!

Image credit: VBites