Veestro Will Send Vegan Thanksgiving Meals to Your Door

Veestro Will Send Vegan Thanksgiving Meals to Your Door

“I would be vegan, but what am I supposed to do for the holidays?” Although plant-based options have become increasingly more popular in recent years, from the emergence of almond milk and incredibly realistic meat alternatives, the holiday season remains a point of internal conflict for many considering a full transition to the vegan diet. Veestro, a major U.S. plant-based meal delivery company, is helping conscious consumers ease their trepidation with its expanded annual vegan holiday menu.

Veestro has been delivering fully prepared, fresh, organic, and mouthwatering daily meals to customers since 2012. All of its products are created by an experienced in-house culinary team to combine both exceptional flavor and nutrition. Unlike the typical frozen meal, Veestro is preservative-free and completely plant-based. It is perfect for weeknights and breakfasts on-the-go, but when it comes to the holidays, the company knew its customers wouldn’t be completely satisfied showing up to the family gathering with a kale salad or veggie lasagna.

Veestro Launches Expanded Vegan Holiday Menu

The Veestro holiday menu features many of the traditional American celebration foods, without harming the animals or one’s health. Co-Founder and CMO of Veestro, Monica Klausner, told LIVEKINDLY, “Veestro’s holiday menu is designed to provide delicious, plant-based alternatives to the traditional turkey dinner. We want to make sure that our customers can enjoy their family time and the full dinner – not just the sides!”

Like Veestro’s daily offerings, the seasonal menu comes completely assembled. No need to dice, measure, mince, chop or dirty up the dishes – just heat and serve. This allows hosts to greet their guests with a cool, welcoming demeanor and a cocktail in hand – instead of distractedly side-eyeing the pots to make sure they don’t boil over. And when guests arrive hungry, you’ll be ready for them.

Klausner continued, ”We are always excited to introduce our holiday menu because we know how important it is for people to spend time with family and how much of that time is spent eating.”

Veestro Launches Expanded Vegan Holiday Menu

Customers have their choice from a variety of classic holiday-themed entrees, sides, and desserts. Those who favor tradition will love the Herb Crusted Turk’y seasoned with rosemary, thyme, sage, and parsley. It’s accompanied by bread stuffing, cranberry relish, and a silky, savory mushroom gravy. Two unique yet still well within the holiday spirit options include the Turk’y Scallopini and the gluten-free Cauliflower Milanese, both paired with Candied Yam Mash and Almondine Green Beans. For a show-stopping centerpiece, there’s the Holiday Roast stuffed with roasted root vegetables and seasoned with warming spices. Complete the meal with the Hearty Roasted Medley of veggies and, of course, a perfectly sweet and buttery Pecan Pie.

These holiday meals are also terrific for single and two-person households. It can be a hassle to whip up a holiday feast for one, and purchasing all the necessary ingredients can seem daunting and expensive. However, Veestro holiday meals allow everyone to enjoy a taste of the family table, even if they can’t make it home.

To order your Veestro holiday feast, or to check out the delicious regular offerings, click here.

Image Credit: Veestro

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