“Perfect” High Protein Vegan Milk Created Without Use of Cows

Using innovative techniques, a California-based company has found a way to create vegan milk protein without the use of cows.

Perfect Day is a company built on a love of cheese with the aim of an animal product free world. The company was founded by Ryan Pandaya and Perumal Gandhi. ‘We thought: Why give up our favorite foods?’ said Ryan and Perumal of their love of dairy products. ‘There must be a better way. And so we brought together a diverse team of chefs, food designers, nutritionists, scientists, engineers, and one office dog, Sophie.

According to their website, Perfect Day uses yeast and sugar in ‘a process similar to craft brewing’ to create ‘dairy’ protein ‘without the use of a single cow.’ Their milk will be high protein, lactose-free, cholesterol-free and ‘earth friendly’.

Although the company’s products may appeal to vegans, the company itself is not in support of the vegan movement. According to FastCompany, ‘The company imagines its products ultimately as a complement to cow-based milk that takes some of the stress away from the factory farming system, rather than trying to replace dairy cows entirely.’ Perfect Day has used this quote on their website.

Additionally, the name of the company is inspired by the song ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed. In a scientific experiment, it was discovered that ‘dairy cows who listen to soothing music like the Lou Reed song ‘Perfect Day’ are calmer, happier, and produce more milk.’ Animal rights activists are likely to be upset by this name choice, as making cows ‘happier’ and ‘calmer’ so that they can be exploited more productively does not fit with vegan ethics.

Nonetheless, this new technology could lead to the exploitation of fewer cows, making it a positive step forward. It may also pave the way for other, vegan, companies to produce similar products.