Vegan 3D Popsicle Startup Wins The Hearts of Google and BuzzFeed

The popsicles of the future are here and they’re all you’d expect future food to be, and then some: they’re 3D printed into any kind of shape or logo you could imagine, they use sci-fi sounding future ingredients like baobab, Panatea Ceremonial Matcha, and, of course, coconut milk. And they’re completely vegan, too. But you won’t find these pops in the frozen section of your local supermarket; these pops are an event unto themselves that you book like a band at your wedding.

Dream Pops, based in Los Angeles, is the culmination of pop culture, quite literally. Garnering fans like Dr. Dre, Buzzfeed, and even Google, Dream Pops is proving that anything is popsicle (their pun).

The three co-founders all named David (Greenfeld, Cohen, and Marx), “had to start where they were. And they had to do what most founders have to do at some point. They went in cold,” reports Inc.

The mission started after CEO and Co-Founder David Greenfield experienced “street popsicles” in Colombia. “The street popsicles were everywhere at the same time everyone back in the States was in the juice cleanse craze,” Inc notes. “Lovely frozen desserts plus health-conscious American consumers equaled a plant-based confection concept.”

Research, a lot of persistence (Greenfield practically stalked Marx into joining the team), and a big vision kept the company going.

In just over a year, the vegan popsicle start-up handcrafted pitches for each partnership–and they went big, cold-pitching the likes of Google, Soul Cycle, BuzzFeed, Equinox, TOMS, Lululemon and Bloomingdale’s, among others, to a huge, positive response.

Millennials as a market segment haven’t hurt, either. Their value of health and wellness products and a big interest in plant-based and vegan options has positioned the very futuristic Dream Pops firmly into the present.