‘Bad Ass Vegan’ John Lewis to Release Documentary Exploring Food Deserts and Hip-Hop

'Bad Ass Vegan' John Lewis to Release Documentary Exploring Food Deserts and Hip-Hop

Vegan activist and CEO of Badass Vegan and VeganSmart, John Lewis announced on Instagram that he’s trying his hand as a film director. The feature-length documentary, “Hungry For Justice,” delves into the ethics of veganism, food justice, and hip-hop.

“Can’t wait to share this project with you all!!! It may be my first time directing but I got a good feeling about this! #peacelovepandas,” he captioned.

Lewis also took to Instagram, encouraging people to help his post reach musician Will.I.Am, who went vegan late last year after watching the 2017 documentary, “What The Health.” Will.I.Am has become quite vocal about the health benefits and ethics of a vegan lifestyle ever since.

“So we found out that @iamwill went vegan by watching our previous film ”What The Health” So we got word that he heard about our new project and of course we want him to be a part of it… (his message in this video is right in alignment with that of our documentary) what do you good people think?,” added Lewis.

Documentaries focusing on veganism have been taking off as of late, with an increased public awareness about animal rights issues, climate change, and the food industry. James Cameron’s vegan documentary about plant-based power, “The Game Changers”, premiered at cinemas last month; a five-part international vegan documentary series is set to release next spring; and the highly-anticipated film adaption of the book “Eating Animals,” narrated by vegan actor Natalie Portman, is set to premiere this June.

Image Credit: John Lewis