Vegan Advertisement Set to Screen to Millions in Cinemas Nationwide

Vegan Advertisement Set to Screen to Millions in Cinemas Nationwide

Thanks to a new initiative by Viva! – a Bristol based charity, pro-vegan advertisements are set to be shown in UK cinemas nationwide.

This initiative has an estimated cost of £100k so Viva! has started a crowdfunding campaign. However, for each donation an unnamed donor will generously match that donation to the value of £50k. This means (pretty much) all donations are doubled – hallelujah!

This campaign is the first of its kind, pro-vegan messages haven’t been shown to mainstream in such a ‘normal’ and public way before. You can expect to see Viva!’s biggest ever campaign ‘Bring Hope To Millions’ by the end of this year in actual cinemas. With a guaranteed audience of 2.2million+ ordinary cinema-goers, this ad featuring Hope the pig is the perfect reason to take a group of friends to see a film.

According to Viva! ‘audiences that are four times more likely to be emotionally engaged than television audiences.’ This charity may be the first to screen an ad like this but hopefully they won’t be the last.

Viva! has recently been in headlines for rescuing a sow and her 6 piglets from slaughter, naming her Hope. A video clip went viral of newly-rescued Hope frolicking with joy at Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary, where all the pigs now reside.

Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director of Viva! says how this campaign is of the upmost importance, “Basic natural instincts such as rooting, foraging and nest building are unavailable to pigs on intensive farms. Breeding sows are caged and can’t even turn around for much of the time. The beautiful footage of Hope and her family at the sanctuary demonstrates how pigs should live and is in stark contrast to the lives of  farmed animals. Most people have never seen a pig living freely and the contrasts shown in our cinema advert will affect them deeply.”

Hope (the pig) is such a key part of this campaign that Gellatey has urged we (all) ‘be part of something huge. Help us show two million people they can bring Hope to millions too.’

No matter what film being shown is, this campaign will inevitably be a catalyst behind people walking in oblivious and waking out moved; inspired and motivated to commit to, or try a vegan lifestyle.

Image Credits: Viva!