Prominent US Footballer Suggests Entire Team Has Gone Vegan

Steelers player Vincenzo ‘Vince’ Williams took to Twitter last night to confirm that the US American football team abide by a plant-based lifestyle.

The tweet read “Steelers don’t do beef, we’re vegan” and has been retweeted nearly 300 times already.

The Pittsburgh team compete in the National Football League (NFL) and has won more Super Bowl titles (6), played in (16) and hosted more conference championship games (11) than any other NFL team!

Williams had previously tweeted that “after you win food taste better, sleep feels amazing, and every song you hear is a hit” suggesting that not only is the plant-based diet aiding performance, but also tasting great too!

This follows previous exciting sports news that UK football (soccer) team Forest Green had become the world’s first and only eco-friendly, vegan football club, and were described by FIFA as the “greenest football club in the world”.

More and more sports teams and athletes are making the change to a vegan lifestyle, and thriving when doing so, showing the world that you really can get your protein without meat! One newly vegan athlete is F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and vegan weightlifter Kendrick Farris was recently named as one of Sports Illustrated’s Fittest 50 Men.

It seems that Pittsburgh is doing its bit for the vegan movement, first with VegFest winning the ‘Best Festival’ in Pittsburgh title by City Paper and now their football team showing how you can still kick it on a plant-based diet!

Go Steelers!

Image credit: Wiki Commons