New App Recommends 23,000 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Worldwide

A new vegan app has launched, which allows consumers to save the planet one bite at a time.

vanilla bean is a huge database of 23,000 vegan-friendly restaurants from across the world. According to the creators of the app it’s the biggest database of its kind covering US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

vanilla beans’ aim is ‘[t]o solve the environmental crisis, we believe that our ways of consumption and production have to fundamentally change. Vanilla bean exists to help make this change so that an eco-friendly society can arise. [They] do this by connecting green businesses with green consumers.’

As people choose to opt for meat-free meals, Vanilla bean will give people an easy way of finding the kinds of meals they want on the go. The team at vanilla bean has teamed up with cities all across the US to offer local knowledge on the best places to go and eat. It also has recommendations from non-profit organizations like Veganuary, Meat Free Monday, and compassion over killing.

You can download the app on any platform, and you can check out the website here.