Vegan Artichokes and White Bean Sandwiches Stuffed With Veggies

Vegan Artichokes and White Bean Sandwiches Stuffed With Veggies

This delicious vegan artichoke and white bean sandwich is perfect if you’re looking for healthy lunch ideas for work or simple picnic food. It’s quick to make and packed with veggies and protein!

You’ve all been asking for a vegan sandwich recipe for ages, and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to post one! I like to test my recipes pretty thoroughly and this was no exception.

And do I have a good one for you today. This White Bean and Artichoke Vegan Sandwich recipe is perfect for quick lunches as it’s so fast to make. The spread is made from celery, artichokes, and cannellini beans and tastes absolutely delicious as a fresh sandwich filling.

If you’re looking for lunch ideas for work or vegan picnic food, this one is also great as it transports easily and is protein-packed to keep you powered up all through the day.

This delicious spread is satisfying as well as fresh and is perfect for those warmer months. I’ve taken to eating it straight out of the container as it tastes so good and savoury on its own!

Vegan sandwich ideas can be tough to find, which is exactly why I created this recipe. I wanted a sandwich filling that was both protein-rich and delicious, and wasn’t just the standard hummus that we all rely on!

I think I’ve managed it with this sandwich, and am really happy with how well the flavours work together. You’ve got the fresh crunchiness of the celery with the smoothness of the beans and the tangy flavour of the artichokes. Flavoured with Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar, it’s a delicious savoury combination that takes just minutes to throw together.


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This recipe was republished with permission from Vancouver With Love.