This Vegan Baby Food Company is Out to Change the Way Kids Eat

This Vegan Baby Food Company is Out to Change the Way Children Eat

What in the world are you supposed to feed your baby? Of course, the easy answer is breast milk. It’s best for baby – not only is it the perfect food, but it helps to populate a healthy microbiome, promotes mother-child bonding, boosts baby’s IQ, and provides comfort to babies navigating this new world. Most doctors now recommend breastfeeding for at least one year, but many moms will go even longer.

But here’s the thing: no matter how long you breastfeed, babies need to start eating solid food at around six months. Some eat as early as four months old. For most parents, they’re still barely sleeping at this point, let alone feeding themselves properly. Now they have to start thinking about all those little jars of baby food?

“When my daughter was about 5 months old I was so excited to have her try real food for the first time,” says Alyson Eberle founder of Pure Spoon, the first certified organic and 100 percent cold-pressed vegan baby food company in the U.S. “My excitement soon turned to disappointment when I arrived at the store and walked down the baby food aisle. I found myself surrounded by synthetic, over-processed foods that I wouldn’t even dream of feeding myself, so, I certainly wasn’t going to feed it to my child.”

Eberle said she headed over to the produce aisle and “never looked back.” Barely after giving birth to her daughter, Eberle gave birth to Pure Spoon.

The company has taken homemade taste and quality ingredients and made them accessible for the masses. Pure Spoon uses a cold-press HPP process to ensure purity and safety – a practice it says will revolutionize the industry. It also intentionally uses ingredients like spinach, broccoli, and oats to help provide healthy sources of plant-based iron, critical for healthy development. And Eberle also noticed a lack of healthy fats in commercial baby food products, and thus relies heavily on avocados – an excellent source of good fat critical for those rapidly growing baby brains. (Some doctors recommend pureed avocado as baby’s first solid food).

Of course, in today’s world, preparing your own food from scratch may not be realistic for some adults, let alone new parents, even if they want to make sure they’re feeding their littles the best. So, Pure Spoon went from a one customer operation to being sold in stores all across the U.S., and available online. The commitment to being plant-based as well as organic, was a no-brainer, “we want to offer the purest, most nutrient-packed meals or snacks possible and obtaining organic, vegan ingredients ensures this,” says Eberle. “What parent doesn’t want the best for their child?”