Vegan Baby Food Market Expands As Millennial Parents Seek Plant-Based Options

Infant nutrition company, Sprout Foods, will release new additions to its range of baby and toddler-friendly vegan foods. The new options will be available in the United States soon.

“Our new plant-powered products are part of Sprout’s ongoing mission to provide wholesome and organic food to families across America,” CEO of Sprout Foods, Rick Klauser, said in a statement. “Our goal remains focused on educating parents on the nutritious food options they can introduce into their baby’s diet. We do this by helping parents properly interpret food labels so they can make informed decisions about their baby’s food, and providing options to satisfy a variety of diet choices.”

Babies at least eight months old can enjoy the brand’s new Spinach, Carrot, Corn & Black Bean flavor puree. Sprout Foods says these plant-based options offer a more nutritious alternative to meat and dairy-based baby foods.

Pop-snacks named Sprout Organic Crinkles, made from a bean-base with organic chickpeas, carrots, spinach, and beets, are included in the range and will be available in a choice of two flavors: Cheesy Spinach and Pumpkin Carrot. Although they are intended for toddlers, they are, of course, safe for people of any age to consume.

In addition, the company’s line of Plant-Based Protein Purees will be expanded, with brand-new flavors introduced. Each product is specifically formulated for various stages of infant development; six-month-old babies, for example, are recommended to opt for the Butternut Blueberry Apple with Beans, Carrot, Chickpeas, Zucchini, and Pear pouches.

Klauser added, “We are proud to offer the variety that today’s millennial parents are looking for so that they can eat and live healthier lives.”

Non-profit food industry organization, The Good Food Institute, recently said nutrition guidelines for children should include more vegan food. And last year, ITV’s Holly Willoughby released a book titled ‘Truly Scrumptious Baby’ which explains how to raise infants on a vegan diet.

A recent study found that one in twelve families are raising their children as vegans.


Image Credit: Sprout Foods via Foodbev