Vegan Bacon BLT Sandwiches Just Launched at Morrisons

Vegan Bacon BLT Sandwiches Just Launched at Morrisons

UK supermarket chain Morrisons has launched a new vegan grab-and-go sandwich.

The new plant-based option puts a vegan spin on the classic BLT, which usually includes bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Instead of bacon, Morrisons has opted for “smoky carrot strips.” The malted bread sandwich also includes a helping of vegan mayonnaise.

Morrisons has added a number of new plant-based options to its shelves recently, including vegan edam and mozzarella cheese, burgers by the vegan fast food joint Miami Burger, and even a meat-free Cornish pasty. According to the supermarket’s pasty buyer Steve Halford, the latter was launched to cater to shifting consumer habits.

He explained, “some of our customers want to cut down on their red meat intake, so we wanted to offer a pasty that’s meat-free and as delicious as the original.”

Brits Want Vegan Food

Vegan Bacon BLT Sandwiches Just Launched at Morrisons
Morrisons new vegan “BLT” uses smoky carrot | @misskaymurphy

Across the UK, Brits are changing their eating habits. According to a study by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, 91 percent of the population now identify as flexitarian and are trying to eat fewer animal products. Last year, a study revealed that 66 million Brits ate 150 million plant-based meals.

“Looking back on 2018 as a whole, one of the most notable consumer trends is the shift to a more plant-based diet,” said Fraser McKevitt, the head of retail and consumer insight at Kantar Worldpanel.

Like Morrisons, a number of UK supermarkets and drugstores are launching new vegan products to accommodate this demand. Boots now has several vegan meal deal options, including a vegan chicken and sweetcorn sandwich. Waitrose also offers a plant-based version of a BLT, using mushrooms instead of bacon.

UK consumers are ditching animal products for a number of reasons, including their own health and animal welfare. But one of the most common motivators is the environment. According to a Modular Classrooms study from March, 57 percent of Brits are reducing or eliminating meat from their diet in a bid to help save the planet.

Mark Brown of Modular Classrooms said, “It’s encouraging to see that so many people are willing to make changes to their lives to safeguard not only their future but the future of their children.”