There’s Actually a Vegan Bacon That Fools Carnivores
THIS's bacon rashers taste like the real deal
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Two meat-lovers have formed a vegan startup to make plant-based meat that is so realistic, it could win over the most committed carnivore.

Soon to launch at Holland & Barrett, THIS’s range of vegan meat includes bacon rashers and chicken pieces in all the flavors you can dream of (think: BBQ, tikka, rotisserie-style, dark soy and garlic, and sea salt and cracked black pepper).

Co-founders Andy Shovel and Peter Sharman previously established and operated a beef burger restaurant chain. “As far as U-turns go, this is a whopper,” THIS writes on its website.

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The brand came about after the pair realized they needed to reduce their consumption of meat — “fairly urgently” — but struggled to find vegan meat products they enjoyed.  Inspired to create their own, they used their “obsession and adoration for meat” as a “guiding star” to create plant-based meat that looks, cooks, and tastes like its animal-based counterpart.

This vegan chicken is made from soy and pea protein | image/THIS

The realistic recipes took a year and a half to develop, and the co-founders tasted more than 2,000 versions of the final eight launch products. The end result is a “bunch of food that allows you to virtually eat meat, without killing stuff.”

Made out of GMO-free soy and pea protein, THIS’s bacon and chicken is fortified with vitamin B12 and iron.

“It’s ridiculously high in protein, it tastes sensational and it’s produced by people who won’t guilt-trip you if you also eat meat,” the duo wrote.

“THIS is for everyone. We don’t discriminate. But if you’re a carnivore looking to cut down, vegetarian or vegan who longs for the taste and texture of meat without the environmental impact, or even just looking for a food that’s healthy with a protein and iron kick, THIS is for you,” the company explained.

THIS’s chicken salt and pepper pieces, chicken tikka pieces, and bacon rashers will be available at 645 Holland & Barrett stores across the UK.

There’s Actually a Vegan Bacon That Fools Carnivores
Article Name
There’s Actually a Vegan Bacon That Fools Carnivores
Bacon rashers and chicken pieces made by vegan brand THIS are so realistic they will win over the most dedicated meat-eaters.
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