Vegan Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese Ready Meals Arrive in Australia

Vegan Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese Ready Meals Arrive in Australia

Vegan bacon mac ‘n’ cheese has arrived on Australian shores. The Ch’eesy Bacon Mac is made by Chicago-based brand Upton’s Naturals, which makes plant-based meats like barbecue jackfruit and Italian seitan.

“Bacon Mac is one of our favorite comfort foods and it’s a mainstay on the menu at our Chicago cafe, Upton’s Breakroom. We’ve decided to share the wealth so that you can enjoy this delicious meal when you can’t come in for a visit,” the company wrote on its website.

The dish features bacon seitan and nutritional yeast, a cheesy-tasting ingredient fortified with vitamin B12, an essential nutrient that many diets are missing.

Upton’s vegan mac ‘n’ cheese features seitan bacon and nutritional yeast

Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Vegan mac ‘n’ cheese is more popular than ever. Whole Foods just begun selling healthy vegan mac ‘n’ cheese; the dish’s noodles are made from cauliflower florets and its cheesy sauce is made with cashews. The supermarket chain also recently began stocking Vegan Mac, a protein-packed vegan mac ‘n’ cheese line available in three flavors: Southwest, Classic Cheddar, and White Cheddar.

Starbucks and Frankie & Benny’s in the UK have both launched dairy-free mac ‘n’ cheese products.

Upton’s Naturals Vegan Food

Upton’s Ch’eesy Bacon Mac joins a new line of pre-seasoned ready meals that the brand just launched in Australia, according to Food and Drink Business, which use jackfruit as a key ingredient.

Like the seitan mac ‘n’ cheese, the jackfruit meals are made using natural ingredients and contain no gluten, soy, oil, GMOS, artificial flavours, or cholesterol.

The jackfruit heat-and-serve meals are available in flavours Bar-B-Que, Sweet & Smoky, Thai Curry, Sriracha, Chili Lime, and original.

The southeast Asian jackfruit, known as the world’s largest fruit, is rising in popularity, especially in the vegan food scene.

Last September in the UK, Italian food restaurant chain Pizza Express launched a range of new vegan options, including the Puttanesca, a pizza topped with pulled jackfruit, olives, capers, dairy-free cheese, and tomato sauce. Also in the UK, fast food chain Pizza Hut created its own vegan jackfruit pizza featuring dairy-free cheese.

You can buy Upton’s Naturals’ Ch’eesy Bacon Mac on Amazon.