Vegan Baileys Chocolate Chips Now at Walmart

Vegan Baileys Chocolate Chips Now at Walmart

Walmart now stocks vegan Baileys chocolate chips.

Walmart — the largest retailer in the world — has become an affordable and accessible source of plant-based food for millions of people thanks to its wide variety of vegan products.

The Arkansas-headquartered hypermarket chain has a particularly broad range of plant-based baking products, including the new Baileys Irish cream flavored baking chips.

“For years now people all over the world have been falling in love with the luxurious taste of Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur,” says Walmart in the product description on its website. “Now by incorporating the smooth taste of Baileys into your baking, you too can unleash a truly indulgent taste experience.”

Alongside these new choc chips, Walmart also stocks Wholesome Provisions sugar-free baking chips, Vegg and Neat egg replacers, and even vegan-friendly cake mixes.

Baileys Original Irish Cream Baking Chips are non-alcoholic and available now in 12 oz. packages for $2.98.

Vegan Baileys Chocolate Chips Now at Walmart
Walmart stocks a variety of vegan baking products, including egg replacers, cake mixes, and sugar-free chocolate chips.

America Demands Vegan Options

The increased availability of vegan options in mainstream stores and supermarkets — such as Walmart — is a reflection of the increasing demand for plant-based food. Walmart now offers everything from egg-free vegan mayo to meat-free pulled pork.

The demand for vegan products has grown rapidly in recent years. According to a survey carried out by YouGov — on behalf of vegan brand Kite Hill — nearly 114 Million Americans planned to eat more vegan food in 2019.

“Americans have an increased awareness of what they consume, which has given rise to a deeper interest in learning how eating plant-based options can positively impact their health,” Kite Hill commented in a press release.

Trader Joe’s — another large American grocery store chain — has a particularly broad and varied vegan section. It offers many vegan baked goods as well as dairy-free cocoa puffs, vegan watermelon jerky, vegan cream cheese, and a variety of vegan meat products. Other major chains, like Costco, are also increasing vegan options. The warehouse club stocks a wide variety of sweet and savory foods, including vegan cookie dough, dairy-free ice cream, chocolate bars, and more.