Vegan Baked Beans in Tomato Passata Sauce on Toast

Vegan Baked Beans in Tomato Passata Sauce on Toast

Looking to make a quick and easy dinner? Try this vegan baked beans in tomato passata sauce on toast.

This is my homemade version of baked beans. I’m not sure if it is very authentic because there is no baking involved. I have always gotten a little grossed out by baked beans on toast. Only because the only version I was exposed to was the canned version. Something about the beans in the sauce just made them look so slimy and unappealing. Since baked beans were not really a thing in my culture growing up, I had never actually tasted them before. It wasn’t until I watched a random youtube video with homemade baked beans that I started to come around to the idea. Watching that video made me realize that since the sauce was tomato-based, I would probably really love it.

Homemade baked beans are incredibly warm and comforting and taste absolutely delicious. They were an instant hit with my toddler too. And we now have them regularly, sometimes on wholemeal or rye sourdough toast, and sometimes on polenta. I’m not sure if that’s weird but we love it with a big side of fried mushrooms and cabbage salad. I am still yet to try canned baked beans. So I am not sure how traditional my recipe is going to taste. I’m also not sure what type of beans are typically used for baked beans. I tend to go for the ones that are similar in shape but rely mostly on what is readily available to me. I usually use either borlotti beans or cannellini beans.

Of course, the gold standard for eating beans would be to cook your own. But let’s face it, that takes too long. And if I were to say to you to cook your own beans, then I don’t think I could call this recipe easy anymore. I may consider cooking up big batches of beans in a pressure cooker and freezing them. But, as it stands, my freezer is always so full I simply don’t know where I would fit them. But by all means, use the type of beans that work best for you.

This recipe is vegan, plant-based, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free.


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This recipe was republished with permission from Hazel and Cacao.