Vegan Baked Eggplant With a Creamy Avocado Spread

Vegan Baked Eggplant With a Creamy Avocado Spread

This vegan baked eggplant recipe with a creamy avocado spread makes the perfect dinner combo.

Baked, broken, and beautifully mushy aubergines, or eggplant, with a smoky twist and a mind-blowing creamy avocado spread with a surprising spin. (Spoiler: it’s the tahini!)

We devoured every bite of these aubergine boats, it truly tasted like a recipe with loads of oil—yet we didn’t add a single drop of it. (Only a dash of healthy tahini paste, but that’s obligatory with aubergine!)

The creamy avocado spread is easy to make. You will only need a handful of ingredients. These include avocados, of course, tahini, lemon juice and zest, garlic, and salt and pepper. To make the tahini dressing, you’ll need tahini, dijon mustard, lemon juice, water, liquid smoke, and salt. The baked eggplant also features a tomato salsa made with date tomatoes, parsley, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and salt and pepper. And the spiced chickpea mixture is made with chickpeas, cumin seeds, paprika, black pepper, jalapeno, water, and salt and pepper. To make this recipe, you will also need a food processor.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Let’s cook!


Additional Recipes

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Or, you can try your hand at making this nutty vegan Asian-style avocado and cucumber salad. Everyone enjoys a refreshing, light, and healthy salad. You can whip up this Asian-inspired cucumber salad in under 20 minutes. It’s the perfect vegan salad recipe! According to the recipe’s author: “This avocado cucumber salad with a chili soy sauce is fresh, tasty, and so aromatic. Besides being flavorful and full of texture, it’s also packed with nutrients and so simple to make. The cucumbers, radishes, peanuts, and avocado create a beautiful mix of flavor. And the chili soy sauce brings everything together for a delicious salad you’d make time and time again!”

This recipe was republished with permission from The Plant-Based School.