Vegan Ballerina Agnes Muljadi Promotes Plant-Based Diet to Aspiring Young Dancers

Agnes Muljadi

Agnes Muljadi is a vegan ballerina, photographer, and social media maven. In recent years, she has paved a way to infuse her life with all of her passions to create a successful plant-based career. On Instagram, she has built a significant audience of 529K followers through her ballet-inspired account. Her profile is thoughtfully curated with gorgeous photographs of ballet action shots, feminine-chic vegan fashion, and a few sustainable beauty product posts. Although her social media responsibilities have demanded her increased attention, she still finds time to dance up to six days a week. LIVEKINDLY sat down with Muljadi to learn about her passion for ballet, being a role model for young girls, and her plant-based lifestyle.

Muljadi adopted a vegan diet just over two years ago following a health scare. She visited a naturopathic doctor who recommended she go plant-based, and she made the switch overnight. She eliminated all animal products from her diet, as well as other triggering foods that led to her health complications. When asked about her food philosophy, she stated, “I am a big supporter of the whole food raw plant-based diet, while avoiding fried food, sugar, soy and gluten as much as I can.” She loves a good kale salad, so much so that she often eats it for breakfast. Her go-to mix is a big bowl of kale topped with oranges, strawberries, cashews, bell peppers, and raw mushrooms. She even makes her own dressing!

This plant-based fuel sets her up for her physically demanding schedule. She practices ballet five to six days a week for hours on end. On her “off” days, she cross-trains by taking Pilates, yoga, and Gyrotonics, as well as “lots of walking.”

Agnes Muljadi ballerina

In between her exercise routine, Muljadi participates in photo shoots for vegan brand collaborations and works with fashion brands to create their first sustainable and vegan lines (that latter is a relatively new endeavor). She noted, “It’s incredibly gratifying to see the lines being made, and being a part of the development process from step one knowing exactly how they are produced (in ethical work environments), using material that is sustainable.” Until these new collections are available (stay tuned on her Instagram account), she recommended vegan fashion brands Moo Shoes, Bead & Reel, Toko Toko, Bhava, Miakoda New York, Angela Roi, and GUNAS NY.

Muljadi also serves as a role model for many young dancers. When they ask about her vegan diet, she said, “I do make it known that a plant-based diet is the only diet that elevates me to be mentally, physically and spiritually sound.” She advises her followers to not just take her word for it but to try going vegan themselves and seeing what works for them. Muljadi is a firm believer in empowerment and encourages everyone to strive to be their best, both physically and mentally. This belief stems from her lifelong experience as a ballerina. She noted, “What I love most about ballet is that a dancer is constantly striving for a level of perfection that is always out of a reach. There is never a time in a ballerina’s career that he or she feels like they’ve made it – there are always things that can be perfected even more.  It’s a constant feeling that I live by and take with me in life even outside of dance.  I’m always trying to push myself harder and test my limits.”

Through her work, Muljadi promotes the vegan lifestyle through beauty, grace, and love. She actively discusses her plant-based diet without being confrontational, and she supports independent vegan brands through her collaborations. To conclude, Muljadi noted, “It is not lost on me that I am able to live a life that is so enjoyable and true to who I am and where I want to be.”

To learn more about Muljadi’s upcoming projects follow her on Instagram at Artsy Agnes or Artsy.Chameleon (her photography page).

Image Credit: Brienne Michelle and Themanuc

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