Vegan Banana Oat Crepes Make It Breakfast Anytime Of Day

Vegan Banana Oat Crepes Make It Breakfast Anytime Of Day

For a decadent breakfast—or dessert—these vegan banana and oat crêpes are a must.

I only have one other vegan crepe recipe on the blog and although that recipe is delicious it took me at least five crêpes to get it right. However, I really wanted to try a different vegan crêpe recipe that was a lot easier to make. That’s when I discovered this recipe for sweet banana crêpes on YouTube from an account called nutrition refined. As soon as I saw the video I could tell that it would be really easy to make and that these crêpes were not going to give me a lot of trouble, and I was right! I, of course, adapted the crêpes slightly to my own liking and kept them entirely gluten-free. (Make sure to use specific gluten-free oats if you are very sensitive.)

The batter comes together really quickly in the blender. The finer you make it the better the texture of the crêpes. For this recipe, I simply just put the oats in the blender first and whizzed them up until a fine flour and then added the rest of the ingredients over the top. Once all the ingredients were in the blender, just blend again until the batter forms.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do and I promise that if you struggle with making crêpes like I did this recipe will be very easy for you.  As usual, the recipe is refined sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and delicious.


Additional Recipes

For more deliciously decadent recipes, try making this vegan plum jelly tart with a raw walnut crust! According to the recipe’s author, the plum jelly layer is very sticky and sweet. “It is very similar to a not so healthy sticky jelly on traditional cheesecakes.”

You can also try making this vegan chocolate fudge with goji berries and roasted almonds. This recipe is made using only six ingredients, two of which are superfoods! The ingredients include cashews, cacao powder, maple syrup, goji berries, almonds, and cacao extract.

This recipe was republished with permission from Hazel and Cacao.