Company Creates Vegan Wallets From Eco-Friendly Banana Trees

First pineapple shoes and now banana wallets. What can’t fruit do?

These nifty wallets are designed with love in Kosrae Micronesia by a company aptly named Green Banana Paper. Founded in 2014 by American expatriate, Matt Simpson, Green Banana Paper creates water-resistant vegan wallets using banana fiber paper—a durable eco textile with a myriad of applications. Better yet, these wallets support over 100 families, local farmers, and employees.

Green Banana Paper keeps the focus on the community rather than profits. The company has not accepted any external investors. Instead, it continues to grow with support from people around the world through crowdfunding platforms. Their latest endeavor is the slim wallet, available on Kickstarter through the end of October. The wallet selections on their website boast both mens and womens daily designs as well as travel styles.

When they’re not busy upping your wallet game, Green Banana Paper gets to work crafting handwoven bags and pouches, paper items, corporate gifts, prints, and cards. Think stocking stuffers, wedding party favors, or a little something for someone who has everything. Bananas are ready to do more than dominate your breakfast smoothie!

Use code: KICKSTARTER for 25% off through the end of October. Sales and proceeds go directly to creating more employment opportunity, investing in equipment, and training staff. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date!

Image credit: Green Banana Paper
 Stella Rae