Vegan Beauty Brand Makes Stand Against Photoshopping

Vegan haircare and dye company, oVertone, have released a new video speaking out against the digital alterations that often occur in the beauty industry.

The video begins with a model in a wig, which changes colour multiple times. This is a nod towards how digital alterations and airbrushing techniques are often used by other companies to sell a false representation of their product. The video ends with the words, “Advertising can be fake. Meet the only hair company that never digitally alters hair, bodies or results.”

Denver based oVertone are as honest as possible in their advertisements, co-founder Liora Dudar has claimed it is one of their “core values.” On their website, oVertone show before and after shots of the effect of their products. None of these, are digitally altered. “We decided early on that showcasing real users, real people, in unaltered imagery was the right path for us. It’s not fair for consumers to be presented with unrealistic unattainable depictions of body image or product efficacy,” explained Dudar in a statement. She added, “we simply don’t want to be a part of that.

Fellow co-founder, Meagan Scarlett, agrees with Dudar, stating that oVertone was founded by the pair in a bit to “make people feel good about their hair color, and to feel good in their own skin.” Scarlett added, “airbrushing away the very things that make people unique would be in direct opposition of that message.”

Scarlett and Dudar’s strong ethical standards also apply to their products themselves. The founders maintain a strict, vegan, cruelty-free policy when it comes to ingredients.  “As a company, we’re committed to keeping oVertone vegan and cruelty free, and we have the PETA certification to prove it,” the pair state on their website. “Our marketing materials are printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper. And we are constantly re-evaluating our process, looking for more ways to reduce our impact on the earth.”

Image Credit: oVertone