Vegan Beauty Products See Growing Demand in India

The demand for vegan beauty products is growing in India, the Indian Express reported.

“Thanks to conscious consumers, the demand for natural, organic and vegan beauty products is on the rise in India,” the news publication said.

Data from Market Research Future found that the cruelty-free cosmetics market is set to increase 6.1 percent between 2017 to 2023. India was identified as one of the top exporters.

According to one name in the beauty industry, the rise in vegan products has corresponded with an increased focus on ethical consumerism. Shankar Prasad is the founder of cosmetics brand Plum, which was the first online cosmetics brand in the country to create 100 percent vegan products. Prasad told the Indian Express, “Veganism is a relatively recent trend in beauty, and has coincided with the arrival of the thoughtful consumer.”

“The thoughtful consumer goes beyond ‘I-me-myself’ and thinks about what goes into making the product s(he) is using,” Prasad explained.

Piyush Grover and Shraddha Pandey launched vegan brand Svana Therapy late last year. They believe the rising demand for plant-based products will “take us closer to ways of natural living.”

They told the publication, “Exploring nature and its healing powers is not only amazing but also opens up a new perspective on natural living.”

Regarding their own line, they said, “The products are made purely from plant extracts, mostly essential oils. These products heal the body and have a soothing and calming impact on the mind and soul too.”

The demand for cruelty-free items is “need-based,” the Indian Express noted, driven by consumers’ desire to know and understand ingredients used in products. “The consumers want to know what goes into making their cosmetics and how it affects their skin. It is great news for us,” said Sargam Dhawan, director of Paul Pender, an international skincare and cosmetics brand.

The popularity of veganism was previously named “undeniable” due to climbing sales figures in the beauty industry. In the UK, vegan beauty products saw a 38 percent increase in twelve months as “consumers embrace a more wellness-orientated lifestyle.”

Vogue pinpointed vegan fashion and beauty as a top trend to invest in this year, commenting that “the vegan movement is taking over.”