New Affordable Vegan Beauty Range Debuts Across USA

Unilever’s new vegan beauty range, Love Beauty and Planet, is set to roll out into drug stores across the USA this month.

The range is intended to appeal to those who want natural, sustainable beauty products that don’t cost the earth. With each item retailing for $10 or less, Unilever is aiming to appeal to a wide audience with their range of shampoo, conditioner and other body products.

Trying to keep the range as sustainable as possible, Unilever has plumped for ethically sourced oils and extracts, and the bottles the cosmetics come in are both 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic.

Unilever has reported huge amounts of growth both in their ranges dedicated to sustainability, and natural products. Earlier this year, Foods President of the corporation, Amanda Sourry, made headlines when she began encouraging people to try a vegan diet. She also wrote an article for Huffington Post, naming plant based diets as ‘a game-changer for our food system, our people, and our planet.’

According to InStyle, Love Beauty and Planet has partnered with Ashoka, an organisation whose aim is to make everyone ‘an effective and confident changemaker,’ fitting with the brand’s mission ‘to inspire “small acts of love” for the planet.