A Huge Vegan Beauty Store Is Opening in Boca Raton

A Huge Vegan Beauty Store Is Opening in Boca Raton

Florida is getting a huge vegan beauty store.

Vegan Fine Body is set to open in Boca Raton in May. It will become the “largest 100 percent vegan face and body care product retail outlet in the U.S.,” according to Vegan Fine Brands, the vegan retail and consumer products company behind the new venture.

Back in 2018, Vegan Fine Brands opened a market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, called Vegan Fine Foods. It was initially a grocery store venture, but expanded to include beauty-focused Vegan Fine Body and the Vegan Fine Cafe. The beauty section was so popular, the company felt it was ready to branch out.

The new stand-alone vegan beauty store will be located in Boca Raton’s Boca Center, one of the largest shopping complexes in the state.

According to Steven Smith, founder of Vegan Fine Foods, the team was overwhelmed by Vegan Fine Body’s popularity.

“We knew that our customers would love being able to shop for their 100 percent vegan health and beauty products all under one roof,” he told LIVEKINDLY. “But we never imagined we’d already be looking for larger space after such a short time being open.”

Vegan Fine Body will stock a variety of ethically sourced beauty products, including brands like Nourish, Tru Roots, Nutiva, Manitoba Harvest, and FLO. 
On top of this new venture, Vegan Fine Foods also recently announced an equity raise through crowdfunding service Wefunder. With the funds, the company intends to expand its Vegan Fine Foods and Vegan Fine Body concepts across the U.S.

Smith added: “Our goal is to bring a Vegan Fine Body to every major US city by 2024, including to currently underserved areas where it’s difficult to find 100% vegan health and beauty products”

A Huge Vegan Beauty Store Is Opening in Boca Raton
According to Smith, pictured left, the team was overwhelmed by Vegan Fine Body’s popularity. | Marcos de Castro Photography (portrait), Vegan Fine Body (street)

Sustainable Beauty 

The demand for sustainable, vegan beauty products is growing. In 2020, the vegan beauty industry accounted for around $15 billion in worldwide revenue. 

Vegan Fine Body has competition catering to this demand, as mainstream brands are starting to pivot their business models. Ulta Beauty, for example, recently teamed up with zero-waste venture Loop to launch Loop by Ulta, an online store dedicated to sustainable beauty. 

Celebrities are also in on the trend; Jada Pinkett-Smith and family recently launched Hey Humans, a vegan, gender-neutral personal care brand in Target. And Happy Dance, Kristen Bell’s vegan CBD skincare line, recently launched at Ulta Beauty. 

But Smith is confident in Vegan Fine Brands’ mission. He said in a statement: “Boca Raton is just the first step in our expansion and franchise plan.”

Vegan Fine Body is slated to open on May 15.