Vegan Beer Hall Set to Open in Boston

Vegan Beer Hall Set to Open in Boston

When the coronavirus outbreak subsides and lockdown measures ease, the people of Boston can expect something new to open: a vegan beer hall.

Called PlantPub, the new venture will initially operate as a plant-based food and drink delivery service. Later on, the PlantPub co-founders intend to open a full-scale beer hall.

According to co-founder Pat McAuley, who founded the former pop-up vegan beer hall Rewild in Quincy, Massachusetts, they were about to sign a permanent lease for PlantPub prior to the coronavirus outbreak. Instead, they will now bide their time. In the meantime, they will deliver vegan food and drink out of a commissary kitchen.

“Our mission remains the same,” McAuley told Eater Boston“To provide Boston with food that’s a little better for us and better for the world in a way that’s approachable and fun for all.”

“To us, that means juicy IPAs and plant-based versions of our favorite pub foods,” he added.

He noted that burgers, pizzas, and vegan wings are among the dishes on offer. They’ll taste just like their realistic counterparts, he notes, thanks to his business partner and Eater Boston Chef of the Year in 2017, Mary Dumont. 

“She’s not your traditional plant-based chef,” he explains, adding that some vegan chefs can forget what traditional animal-based foods can taste like. “Mary knows what a burger is supposed to taste like,” he notes. “She knows what Buffalo pizza is supposed to taste like. She’s over-the-moon talented.”

Vegan Beer Hall Set to Open in Boston
PlantPub will serve meaty vegan burgers. | @chefmarydumont

A Vegan Beer Hall For Everyone

PlantPub’s delivery service will be and running over the summer, delivering food to people in Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge.

There is no confirmed opening date for the beer hall, but when it does open, customers can expect a lively atmosphere, plenty of beer and vegan food, and American football games on in the background. For those who aren’t into beer, McAuley says the beer hall will offer non-alcoholic options too, like kombucha and alcohol-free pale ale.

“We love the beer hall environment. If you want to come in, have six IPAs, eat two burgers, and watch the Pats game, great,” he said. “But you can also come in … and eat a little healthier too.”