3 Vegan Bento Box Recipes for When You’re Bored of Sandwiches

vegan bento box recipes

Whether you’re packing food for work, school, or your kids’ lunch, these vegan bento box recipes are sure to take your mealtime to the next level. On this episode of EATKINDLY With Me, French model and plant-based chef Nathan-Josias makes three of his favorite vegan bento box recipes—all in less than an hour.

“My favorite boxes to travel with and to carry food with me are bento boxes,” he explains. “I really love them because they have different compartments to put your veggies, to put your rice,” he adds.

The containers—which originated in Japan—also help make the food they contain visually appealing and easy to eat on-the-go. 

Ready to get cooking? Here’s how to make Nathan-Josias’ favorite bento box recipes.

Vegan bento box recipes

meatless recipes for lunch
Make these vegan bento box recipes for a quick lunch on-the-go. | Nathan-Josias for LIVEKINDLY

Bulgur and seitan sausage bento box

His first recipe? A bulgur and seitan sausage bento box. A staple ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes like tabbouleh, bulgur is a nutritious grain made from dried wheat. Bulgur wheat has a similar consistency to that of quinoa or couscous when cooked.

“In one compartment [of the bento box], I’m going to add my bulgur, mini seitan sausages, and the vegetable will be my delicious garlic broccoli,” he says.

Sweet potato and tempeh bento box

The second of his vegan bento box recipes features sweet potato, tempeh, and broccolini. He seasons the sweet potatoes with the juice from an orange, Cajun spices, and chili powder. The tempeh is marinated in soy sauce and smoked paprika. Feeling hungry yet?

Quinoa bento box

And Nathan-Josias’ final bento box features a base of quinoa. “Quinoa is full of protein and has a lot of different amino acids. It’s a really good source of protein for your body,” he says. He adds chickpeas for added protein and tops it off with broccolini and spring onions.

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