Saturday Morning Cartoons and This Vegan Berry Pop-Tarts Dupe

berry pop tart dupe

Remember those weekend mornings, when time seemed to stretch out into infinity and beyond? You could just plonk down in front of the television on your elbows and watch the best of Saturday morning cartoons, devouring a fresh-out-of-the-toaster-oven Pop-Tart, no plate needed.

If you’re now a full-grown adult who’s vegan, vegetarian or dairy-free, you’re probably finding it hard to replicate those special Pop-Tarts moments … but you’re still craving the perfectly crisp bite and the warm icing melting in your mouth.

It’s our vegan Pop-Tarts dupe to the rescue! Stuffed with a sweet and tart filling and dripping in delicious icing, these toaster pastries are fresh out of the oven and made to share. This recipe whips up enough snacks for the whole family—plus a lucky friend or two. Bonus: use whatever berries you have on hand, because this recipe is flexible (after all, none of us feel like hitting the grocery store in our pajamas this weekend).

Pink frosting dripping down the side of a toaster pastry
This toaster pastry is the vegan DIY version of your childhood fave. | Chelsey Johns

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