Vegan Beyond Burgers Arrive at Target Stores Nationwide

beyond meat target

Beyond Meat, one of the leading plant-based meat companies, just announced that their best-selling Beyond Burgers are now available at select Target stores in the US. Don’t look for it near the tofu; the burgers are shelved in the meat section alongside animal-based ground beef and hamburger patties.

Although there are several meat-like burgers on the market, the Beyond Burger was the first plant-based burger to be sold in meat cases in grocery stores. This is not your average veggie burger; the product acts like meat in every way. The pea-base gives it a substantial amount of protein, coconut oil and potato starch perfectly mimic a burger’s juiciness and texture, and beets make the burger appear to “bleed.” The taste, according to the product’s wild popularity, is also on point. Beyond Meat CEO, Ethan Brown did not set out to create another mushy veggie burger. He wanted the real thing, sans animal cruelty and environmental degradation.

The Beyond Burger first hit the market in 2016. Its initial distribution was limited to select Whole Foods in the US, but as it flew off the shelves, the burger made its way to other grocers and a few independent restaurants in metropolitan areas. Now, major restaurant chains, such as Veggie Grill and TGI Fridays, serve the Beyond Burger nationwide. With this Target premier, plant-based options are now more convenient and accessible than ever.

Beyond Burger

Brown’s mission for his company is to create positive, lasting change, both for the earth and the beings who inhabit it. The goal is to revolutionize the way the world eats by swapping out animal protein sources for plant-based ones, without forcing the masses to give up the tastes and textures they love. According to the company’s mission statement, it is, “dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources, and respecting animal welfare.”

However, large-scale change is not possible unless there is large-scale involvement. Veganism and plant-based meat substitutes are not only for the elite or city-dwellers. Everyone from Los Angeles to Arkansas can enjoy a plant-based diet without making any sacrifices. This new partnership with Target will allow Beyond Meat to reach those who don’t live near a Whole Foods or go out to eat often.

Beyond Meat wants to “make the world a better place [for everyone]…one delicious meal at a time.”

Image Credit: Beyond Meat.