Vegan Beyond Burgers Now at All Bar One Locations Nationwide in the UK

The iconic vegan Beyond Burger, created by Beyond Meat, just arrived at a new location in the United Kingdom. All Bar One, a pub chain of just under 50 bars, is now serving up the “bleeding” plant-based meat patty.

Before today, Beyond Meat was a rare find in the UK, only appearing at one location (the Kings Cross branch) of restaurant chain Honest Burgers.

Now, burger-lovers can find the Beyond patty served with vegan cheese, dairy-free mayonnaise, and tobacco onions at All Bar One in a dish called the “Plant Based Burger with Beyond Meat.”

Almost coinciding with the All Bar One launch, it was also recently announced that all Honest Burgers outlets around the UK will now stock the Beyond Burger. The decision came after a successful trial period that saw the chain struggling to keep up with demand.


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Outside of the UK, the Beyond Burger has made waves across the globe. The dish quickly gained momentum following its launch at Canadian A&W locations, where, in many restaurants, it sold out on the first day, even outperforming the fast-casual restaurant chain’s conventional beef burger. Shortly following this success, the Canadian government invested $153 million in grant money to meet the growing demand for plant protein.

Similarly, at Luna Grill locations in the United States, the vegan patty outsold grass-fed beef by 40 percent. And in Singapore, where the Beyond Burger is served at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, the dish outsold beef 3:1 in the first 30 days of being on the menu.

The patty’s popularity is largely due to its low impact on the environment. Research from earlier this month found that one vegan Beyond Burger produces 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than beef. It also uncovered that if Americans swapped one beef burger for a vegan Beyond Burger every week for one year, it would save enough energy to power 2.3 million homes. The shift would also be the equivalent to removing 12 million cars from roads.

The Plant Based Burger with Beyond Meat can be purchased from All Bar One for £12.95.

Image Credit: All Bar One | Beyond Meat

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