Vegan Beyond Sausage Arrives at Whole Foods Nationwide

Vegan Beyond Sausages Arrive at All Veggie Grill Locations

The Beyond Sausage has arrived at all Whole Foods Markets across the US. This vegan sausage is the latest product from Beyond Meat, one of the leading plant-based meat companies.

Unlike some plant-based meats, consumers won’t find the Beyond Sausage along with the refrigerated tofu. In line with the supermarket debut of Beyond Meat’s first revolutionary product, the Beyond Burger, the sausages will be located in the animal-based meat section. This placement speaks to the product’s success in its ability to replicate meat on multiple levels. Looking at it, one could not tell the difference between this sausage made of plants and a sausage made of pork. The company also claims that the product “sizzles and satisfies” with the same “juicy,  satisfying taste and texture of pork sausage.”

To date, consumers can find the Beyond Sausage at a continually expanding list of restaurants, sporting venues, and fast-casual chains across the US. Since its premiere late last year, the sausage has become a new staple on Veggie Grill menus nationwide. Although Veggie Grill locations only carry the Brat Original flavor, the sausages come in two additional varieties: Hot Italian and Sweet Italian. It can also be found at Bareburgers, independently-owned bars and breweries, regional sausage concepts, and even Yankee Stadium, where it is complete with all the classic ballpark fixings.

beyond sausage storefront

The sausages were originally presumed to launch in select retail stores this month, beginning in the Mid-Atlantic areas of Tenleytown in D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. However, Beyond Meat posted on Instagram today, announcing the Beyond Sausage’s nearly immediate expansion to Whole Foods nationwide.

This launch comes just in time for grilling season. Beyond Meat wants to ensure that everyone can enjoy the season’s familiar foods without sacrificing taste for health or ethics. Bring a Beyond Sausage to the party and pile it high with grilled onions and mushrooms, slather on the vegan chili, or go for the classic ketchup, mustard, and relish combination. The one downside? The grillmaster won’t be able to tell the plant-based sausages from the pork sausages.

Image Credit: Beyond Meat.

[Updated April 18, 2018]