Vegan Beyond Sausage to Launch in Europe Next Year

Beyond Sausage Package Cropped

The latest product from Beyond Meat, the Beyond Sausage, is expected to hit European market shelves in 2019. The announcement was made by Beyond Meat Executive Chairman Seth Goldman during his presentation at the recent Seed & Chips conference in Milan.

Goldman was one of many speakers at this year’s Seed & Chips conference, a global food innovations summit that invites the world’s leaders of the progressive food movement. His eleven-minute talk covered a range of topics, from the sustainability benefits of plant-based meat to the degrading health of those who consume the typical Western diet. He made two major announcements during his presentation: the Beyond Burger is officially launching in Europe in July, and the Beyond Sausage will debut in Europe in 2019. Both announcements were followed by applause.

The Beyond Sausage has met with rave reviews since its recent launch in U.S. supermarkets and restaurants. The sausages come in three flavors – Original, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian – and have been said to perfectly replicate the taste, texture, smell, and sizzle of animal-based brats. The success of this vegan sausage is all in the ingredients; the company was able to isolate specific plant-based sources that, when combined, made for a perfect meaty link, without the environmental impact or cholesterol associated with animal-based foods.

beyond sausage plated

Goldman briefly explained the creation of Beyond Meat products. “We take the plants and convert them into protein…skipping the middle cow,” he joked.

He continued to explain the company’s unique marketing strategy of placing its vegan products in the meat section of every grocery store. At any retailer that carries the product, one will find the Beyond Burger in the refrigerated case right next to the beef burgers. Goldman said the company aims to “Transform the ‘meat section’ into the ‘protein section’ so it’s no longer hamburger, chicken breast [etc]…It’s cow protein, chicken protein, and plant-based protein.” 

In regards to the European expansion, Goldman is confident that both the Beyond Burger and Sausage will do well. “We know this market is very receptive to it,” he said. The company has received numerous messages and engagement on social media from European consumers, all asking for the products.

Goldman concluded with a thought about animal welfare. The most efficient and effective path to save animals, he believes, is through food. “The real way to protect animals is to transform the diet,” Goldman affirmed.

Image Credit: Beyond Meat