Vegan ‘Big Brother’ Style Reality Series Arrives on YouTube

YouTube House Cropped

ryrian Turner is a vegan bodybuilder and creator of the popular YouTube series, “YouTube House.” The recently announced fourth season takes a plant-based twist, making it the first season to showcase an entirely vegan cast.

Turner, who has just under 250 thousand subscribers on YouTube, launched the series in 2015. The show plays on the premise of the hit reality television show, “Big Brother,” which groups multiple people in a house together to observe their reactions and relationships to one another. On each season, Turner invites YouTube influencers into a shared home in Los Angeles to work, eat, and play together, all while sharing their unique insights based on their perspective channels. Each episode is hosted by one of the YouTubers, which adds variety to the series.

Season four features nine different plant-based YouTubers, all ranging from raw foodies to bodybuilders. Will these different personalities get along? The cast is as follows:

No Egg Craig come from a family of vegans. His lifestyle videos feature himself and his family going grocery shopping and making vegan recipes at home. His goal is to show that everyone can be vegan, which is popularized by his “Vegan for $30 a Week” mini-series.

Addison Page shares “hearty vegan food” recipes, from Savory Chickpea Tacos to Russian Cabbage Soup. He also speaks a bit on relationships and entertains his followers with the occasional vlog.

The Vegan Zombie releases a wide range of video topics, from vegan taste tests, restaurant visits, interviews with other vegan influencers, recipes, and “on a budget.” Check out his channel for a little bit of everything.

Edyn Jacks is a vegan body positive YouTuber, sharing blogs and videos about body confidence, vegan food, and spirituality. She plays on the trending “What I Eat in a Day” videos with her own twist, “What a Fat Vegan Eats in a Day.” She also shares her love of fashion.

Rawavana is focused on helping others find their own beautiful path in life by offering delicious vegan whole food recipes and words of inspiration. Her channel is perfect for those stuck in a salad or smoothie rut, or for those looking to lose weight by eating a vibrant plant-based diet.

Chelsea Lifts began her channel with weightlifting videos, but she has recently started to incorporate more variety, including her perspectives on mental health. For a sprinkling of fitness inspiration, self-confidence, and vegan taste tests, check out her channel.

Raw Alignment focuses on self-empowerment, body confidence, and minimalist living. Follow Alyse as she shares her morning routines, what she eats in a day, and why she doesn’t shower every day.

Naturally Stephanie is a Scottish vegan YouTuber who playfully posts videos of natural bodybuilding, vegan recipes, and vegan junk food. It’s all about balance…and lifting heavy things.

The first three episodes of “YouTube House Season 4” are now live. Viewers can watch and learn from these influencers on the series’ homepage.

Image Credit: Brian Turner