Grill Up These Vegan Homemade Black Bean-Beet Burgers

Grill Up These Vegan Homemade Black Bean-Beet Burgers

These Easy Beet & Black Bean Burgers are made with 13 ingredients and take just 30 minutes to make. They’re vegan, dairy-free, and completely gluten-free too. These homemade vegan black bean-beet burgers are summer barbecue grill approved.

I love burgers. I don’t make them often at home, but when I’m in a restaurant or getting takeout they’re usually my go-to order. There’s nothing better than a delicious burger stuffed with all the fixings and accompanied by crispy fries.

That said, I often get frustrated that a lot of restaurants and commercially available burgers are made from meat substitutes like soy and wheat gluten. Delicious as these are, I thought I’d set about making my own vegan burger from naturally gluten-free, whole-food ingredients only, and this is the result!

Taking only 30 minutes to make from scratch and using just 13 simple ingredients, these Easy Beet & Black Bean Burgers are ones you’ll want to make again and again as they’re family-friendly and perfect for any burger night!

Using simple ingredients like grated beet, black beans, sweetcorn, flaxseed, and herbs, they have a whole lot of flavour and goodness without any filler ingredients. They’re my new favourite go-to recipe for when I’m craving comfort food!

These burgers are juicy, savoury, loaded with healthy ingredients, and completely satisfying. I recommend eating them in sourdough buns stuffed with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts, and slathered with Garlic Vegan Mayo. The mayo just gives them that extra level of deliciousness!

Easy Beet & Black Bean Burgers Tips

These burgers are pretty easy to make and you can’t really go too far wrong, but here are my top tips for making them:

  • Chop the onion as finely as possible to avoid getting large chunks of it in the burger patties.
  • You don’t have to use fresh thyme in this recipe. If you don’t have any, try using dried, or another herb altogether if you prefer!
  • Make sure you leave the flaxseed and water to thicken for the recommended 10 minutes. (A question I get asked a lot is how to bind vegan burgers and baked goods. Many people think that because we can’t use eggs, our burgers (and baking) will fall apart. Not true! Ground flaxseed is the perfect egg replacement, and when mixed with water, it works like a charm.

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This recipe was republished with permission from Vancouver With Love.