Vegan Ice Cream As Cold And Black As Your Soul

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Unicorns, pride flags, festival wear and carnivals, this summer seems to be full of nothing but colour. Thankfully, there are a few people who are breaking the mould and are making everything black. Black foods have been a trend for some time now, with the advent of the black burger bun, but right now it’s ice cream’s turn. The vegan ice cream craze has recently become an instagram favourite and we thought you might want to where you can get it from, vegan style.

Frankie & Jo’s

Autumn Martin and Kari Brunson are the pair behind Frankie & Jo’s plant-based ice cream shop in Seattle. Always looking for new flavours, Martin and Brunson offer a brilliant range of flavours including Gingered Golden Milk and Chocolate Mint Brownie. But the real star of the show is Salty Caramel Ash, which is made with activated charcoal to give it it’s colour. Not only can you get a scoop or two of this creation at their shop, but you can also order online! An instagram worthy ice cream pic without having to leave the house? Yes, please!

Magpie Softserve

Although they’re not exclusively vegan, Magpie Softserve in L.A. offers a lot for those who are plant-based or dairy intolerant. They’ve even got vegan sprinkles! From vegan Horchata, Peanuts & Cracker Jack, and Vanilla Latte, Magpie’s has plenty of options to get your dairy free taste buds tingling. Joining in on the black ice cream trend, earlier this year, they offered a vegan Black Sesame soft serve! Hopefully it will be back on the menu soon so you can get your phone out and get snapping.

Little Damage

Also in L.A., Little Damage is the place to be if you’re following the black ice cream trend. Unfortunately not everything here is vegan, but they do promise at least one vegan option at all times! Even better is their ‘black’ flavours aren’t quite what you’d expect. Most recently their black ice cream tasted like strawberry cheesecake, now that’s impressive.

If you’re lucky enough to grab a scoop or a swirl of this these delicious, black snacks, remember to take a picture before you tuck in!

Image credit: Frankie & Jo’s | Frankie & Jo’s | Los Vegangeles | Little Damage

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