Vegan Bloggers Wanted: LIVEKINDLY Wants to Share Your Content!

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LIVEKINDLY is looking to collaborate with vegan bloggers! Are you a master of recipes? Keen on everything DIY? Maybe you love talking vegan nutrition? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

As the fastest growing vegan media publisher on the web, we’re reaching more than 4 million people a week on social and over 1 million monthly visitors to the site. This growth has got us eager to expand our reach and bring more expert voices to the masses. We’re constantly being asked by our readers for more info, more recipes, more vegan content in general, and we want to answer that call.

There are a few ways we can work together:

If you’re already publishing amazing content on the web and want to get more eyes on it, let us republish your work! This could be a gorgeous vegan recipe, a DIY how-to for vegan skincare, or maybe it’s some basic nutrition tips. We will give you a byline and link back to your original post. Share it with your audience and let them know that they can now find your content on LIVEKINDLY!

We also love if you can link to our content; we’ll set up a weekly list of stories you can either republish on your site or link to in one of your articles or recipes.

Facebook videos are also a great way to increase your audience engagement and reach, but we know not everyone has the time or money to create them. This is why we now offer the opportunity to crosspost our videos on your own vegan page giving you more amazing content to share with your community.

Want to get started? Please email us for more info:

*While LIVEKINDLY is eager to partner with and promote vegan bloggers, we are not offering paid compensation for content at this time.