Vegan ‘Blue Apron’ Style Meal Delivery Brand Goes Zero Waste

Planted Table

A vegan meal delivery startup in Oakland, Calif., has made a breakthrough in the food delivery industry. The Planted Table promises to deliver fresh, vegan meals with zero waste.

For many, meal deliveries have become the norm. With companies such as Blue Apron and Purple Carrot, consumers do not lack for options when looking for ready-made meals. However, the looming issue with any meal delivery service is the waste. Although many companies attempt to cut down on what goes into the landfill by relying on recyclable materials, it is inevitable that some of their packagings will end up in the garbage. Planted Table has presented a solution to this issue.

All of Planted Table’s meals are packaged and delivered in glass containers. Instead of encouraging consumers to recycle or reuse the glass, the company picks up the empty containers at the end of each week, washes them, and reuses them for the following week. The company is local to the Bay Area, which allows them to effectively manage this pick-up service.

Planted Table Body

The company launched in early 2018, spearheaded by two vegan sisters who wanted to make the plant-based diet more accessible to everyone. Lauren Mahlke and Megan Scott told East Bay Express their goal was to, “Help more people go plant-based who don’t know how.” Scott emphasized, “For us, it’s not just that people are buying food. They’re investing in their health.” 

Each week’s menu is curated by a plant-based nutritionist and chef on staff. Each meal is meant to be nutritionally dense without sacrificing flavor, in addition to being sensitive to common allergies. Meals are ready-to-heat in their glass containers; there is no prep required. Sample dishes include Black Bean Rojo Cauliflower Enchiladas, St. Patrick’s Day Jackfruit ‘Corned Beef,’ Pea and Asparagus White Wine Cream Sauce Pasta, and for dessert, St. Patrick’s Day Bailey’s Irish Cream Trifle. Customers can choose from an array of plans which include options for singles and families.

Although nationwide delivery services may not be able to successfully scale this zero-waste model, Planted Table could serve as an example for other local delivery companies looking to improve their sustainability.

Image Credit: Planted Table.