Vegan ‘Frauxmagerie’ Creates Plant Based Blue Cheese Alternative

Contrary to popular belief, going vegan doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy cheese. It just means you just don’t eat cheese made from cow or any other animal’s milk — which, like a human mother, is made for the young of their own species. Plant based cheeses are becoming increasingly accessible these days, with established and emerging brands investing in the newer, animal-friendly cheeses. Georgian Bay Frauxmagerie is one such brand, whose individually crafted cheeses are making a splash on the world wide web.

The Ontario-based company is providing artisanal cheeses with ingredient lists made of actual food that you can actually pronounce. They are 100 percent dairy-free and 100 percent vegan. They use the same bacterial culture used in traditional cheese, just without any of the dairy.

They explain their passion for plant based cheese on their website:

Why alter cheese you ask? It is already the most comforting and delicious delicacy. We love cheese here as well and that is why we are driven to producing such a fantastic alternative to traditional Dairy cheese.

Our Artisanal 100% dairy free cheese is easier to digest for those that may be lactose intolerant.

Our products are a healthier choice for your body. In addition, it is a purposeful choice in your environmental footprint of our over-burdened agriculture system. It is also an ethical choice in reducing the cruelty of animals.”

Currently, the blue cheese, camembert, and cheddar can be picked up, in stores, at various locations throughout Ontario. There’s also the option to order online with orders beginning at $12.00.

Never fear if you’re not in Ontario. There are plenty of (easy) recipes for your own, delicious, homemade cheese, so you can have it whenever you like.