This Vegan Bob Ross Energy Drink Has 150% of the RDA for B12

This Vegan Bob Ross Energy Drink Has 150% of the RDA for B12

If you need a boost, Bob Ross could be the man for you; his calm painting programmes have brought positive energy to people around the world. And now, you can get all that positive energy from the vegan b12-packed Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink too.

The drink — which contains 150 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamin B12 — was created by Fye as part of a whole Bob Ross collection. The rest of the range, which includes cereal and chocolate bars, doesn’t appear to be vegan-friendly.

The energy drink is also available from Vat19, which offers a detailed overview of the product.

Bob Ross’ energy drink is packed with B12

“When you think of the calm, soothing experience of Bob Ross, you might not initially think of energy drinks,” says Vat19. “But you’ll recall that after gently guiding you on a journey of color and kindness, this peaceful painter would go full-throttle to beat the devil out his brushes to clean them.”


Bob Ross’ Resurge in Popularity

Ross died in 1995, but his legacy lives on. Thanks to Millennials, in particular, his painting programmes have taken off again and he has become a pop culture icon. reports that the reason for his sudden resurge in popularity is Ross’ calming tones, which triggers an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) in viewers.

Experiencing ASMR can give some people a relaxing tingling sensation in the back of their head or neck. notes, “It seems that Ross’s low, steady voice combined with the repetitive task of painting taps into this sensory experience for some people.”

But if you’re not in ASMR, enjoy your Ross buzz with energy drink instead. Vat19 continues, “even though Bob Ross the man is gone, his positive energy drink is here to give you a boost when you need it.”

It continues, “with a fizzy berry flavor and a substantial dose of caffeine, ginseng, guarana, and a complex of B-vitamins, Bob Ross’s legacy can still give you a boost of positive energy to go about your day.”

If you’re not into Ross at all, or energy drinks, on the other end of the spectrum entirely, Fye also offers “Jersey Shore” themed vegan pasta sauce.