New Family Friendly Vegan Book Gives Guidance to a Simple Happy Kitchen

Simple Happy Kitchen Guide

Simple Happy Kitchen is the first ever fully illustrated vegan guide which makes nutritional information fun and easy to understand. It can be hard to know exactly how much of each food you should be eating and giving to your family and this new book helps you prepare healthy, balanced meals using the friendly illustrations and infographics. It’s not just another cookbook through, it has so much information regarding protein sources, B12, iron as well as recipe ideas.

Simple Happy Kitchen Book

Simple Happy Kitchen launched on Kickstarter a week ago and is already in the Top 10 Kickstarter campaigns. They hoped to raise $15,000 and have already secured $68,000! If you want to donate and get a copy of the book as well as range of other benefits such as novelty charms, cushions, a reusable shopping bag and much more you can still pledge your support for as little as a dollar. 

Miki Mottes, an illustrator and designer, has created the new guide. He wanted to create a bespoke illustrated book to make vegan food, health and nutrition easy to understand for the whole family. The nutritional information was created by Tal Porat who also volunteers in Challenge 22+, and it includes interviews with leading plant-based thought leaders such as Dr. Michael Greger, as well as food handling and storage tips, ideas for meal planning and infographics of balanced meals. The book itself uses wood-free paper and has been designed to be fun for the whole family.

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It covers a range of topics including nutritional comparison of plant-based versus non plant-based foods, good sources of dietary fibers, great meat substitutes, a guide to breastfeeding on a vegan diet, how to eat a raw plant-based diet, amazing things you can do with aquafaba, the 22 days vegan challenge kit, the E number dictionary, things you need to know about Vitamin B12 and much more. As it’s fully illustrated the information is super easy to digest!